Rental Conditions

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Rental Conditions

1) Lessor owned vehicle, complied with the conditions stated below, provided that the lessee, provided for a predetermined period of time. The tenant, a written contract with this day and time, in the same way, give back to the place agreed. The duration of the lease, at least give 24 hours advance notice, get consent of lessor and add a condition that can extend the rental deposit the necessary amount.

2) The tenant, the agent will not use the following cases accepted and committed eder.aTC criminal laws of all kinds of transportation to ship goods and other non-legal jobs
a. Attracting or pushing another vehicle, or romorü
b. Racing speed testing, rallies, trials, motor sports
c. Not suitable for normal traffic and roads
d. Traffic rules determined by the number of passengers at the baggage of passengers and cargo and explosives in any manner whatsoever, the transportation of flammable substances,
e. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
f. Whatever the method of payment, in exchange for İvaz, passenger and goods transport

3) when the contract issued, the tenant must have completed 21 years of age, at least two years, a valid driver s license must be submitted.

4) The tenant, lessor, without the approval of third parties make use tool. In this case, the tenant will use the third party tool, identity, address and license to register the contract and leased vehicles authorized to use information about the person knows, all the conditions of this contract is obliged to ensure full compliance. People who use the tool, jointly and severally liable with the tenant even if the contract signatures.

5) The tenant, residence address specified in the contract accuracy of this declaration, in writing to the address immediately notify Lessor of any change, otherwise you need to address the administrative and legal notices the written contract be deemed valid and no appeal in the notification is bulunulmayacağını commitment.

6) The tenant, according to the rules and ensuring the safety of vehicle in a safe place to park is closed and locked.

7) Lessee, delivered instantly, official documents of the vehicle (Traffic certificate, registration certificate, insurance, plates) until such time as the provision of the lease to pay them if not returned, as I say is responsible for loss of expenditures made for the receipt of new ones.

8) of the vehicle, due to any event, the Lessee, whether or not defects, confiscation or seizure by the authorities in case of any initiative which will be held for the withdrawal of the cost of expenses, the lessee by the lessor and the lump sum is paid in cash.

9) Traffic fines and vehicle damage will occur during the withdrawal of the traffic belongs to the lessee of the vehicle during the rental period is included in the traffic case of detention.

10) refunds of the lessor of the vehicle after the vehicle left the tenant of any property loss or damage arising from any liability, including related costs in advance Charterer has been acquitted.

11) Lessor is not the manufacturer of the vehicle, said vehicle and spare parts manufacturing mechanical failure or accidents that might occur, can not be held responsible for any loss or injury.

12) without the written consent of the Lessor, be removed from vehicles abroad.

13) The tenant s rights in any way arising from this agreement, equipment and supplies in the vehicle transfer, assign, and can not Terhi. The lessor can not use them to harm.

14) In any case, the tenant and the lessor, enforcing rights against third party claims they show the necessary facilities to each other, the rights to assign rights to sue at a rate and to give each other power of attorney and court costs are shared proportionally.

15) The tenant, the lease contract the lessor, personal file storage of personal information, as well as timely payment of rent, breach of contract cases, such as timely delivery of the vehicle, shall consent in advance to write the name of the alert list.

16) Lessor to any of the conditions specified in the tenant for non-compliance or the provision of measures to apply penal remedies without Needless to harvesting. Rent of the vehicle given immediately as revenue in advance can save revoke wills.

17) Lessor to show a reason, and without having to pay compensation as may terminate the contract at any time or may refrain from extending.

18) Gasoline costs belongs to the tenant.

19) MAINTENANCE: Tenant, during the period of the lease, the vehicle s oil, water, and obliged to check the tire pressure. Tenant: means for periodic maintenance of the lease term, lessor, such as oil changes and so have to make a free hit head to the nearest office. This is not possible in the current authorized service station on behalf of the lessor, who will take the costs against invoices shall be returned to him.

20) REPAIR: the result of normal use and wear and tear repairs, spare parts and tire replacement costs are hired. Normal use the external, the result of negligence or improper use (oil, anhydrous of use, freezing, such as rubber to be split) made repairs, parts and tire costs if the lease did not move the vehicle to bring down the tariff calculated over the transportation expenses and applicable fee from the lessee of the vehicle fired belongs. Emergency repairs may be needed in emergency situations, was built with the approval of informed to a lessor, the bill for expenses on behalf of the lessor, the lessee will be refunded.

21) in terms and conditions agreed between the Parties of any additions or modifications to the notorious void.

22) Courts and Execution Offices in Izmir disputes between the tenant and lessor, TC Resolved according to the laws.

23) PAYMENT: by throwing a valid signature of the rental fee schedule adopted by fiat-choice items that may arise at the end of the price and lease fees, taxes and agrees to pay the applicable law. During the preparation of the Convention on the then-current rate to deposit the amount of rent is approx. This deposit will be determined at the end of rental shall be liquidated according to the results of final accounts. The tenant can not set off debts accrued by this contract. Lump sum payments made in cash. Tenant delays, on the unpaid amount, annual interest rate of term deposits the appeal even agrees to pay. Rent 24 hours a day, weekly or monthly rentals are calculated over the 7 and 30 days. 3 hours, the delays are calculated as full days.


A) the leased vehicles; against third parties who suffered under the Road Traffic Act, Compulsory Liability Insurance with the insured within the limits of legal policy. Lessor responsible for third party damage caused as a result of accidents, constructed for each vehicle. Liability Insurance coverage is mandatory in terms of condition of stay, the amount of compensation from the insurance company will be installed. The above terms of moral responsibility and accident compensation claims of those persons and their families to stay within the terms of coverage, provided the amount of compensation from the insurance company will be installed. The above terms of moral responsibility and accident compensation claims of those persons and their relatives belong to the lessee, lessor, lessee reserves the right to recourse.

B) The tenant rented the vehicle for any damage suffered as a result of the work, or any accident, the transportation expenses for the performance of the vehicle and the ground lease of the vehicle during the repair process is responsible for any objection from the fee.

C), however: at the beginning of the rent which the tenant agrees to pay damages pirimini exemption, provided it fulfills the conditions below to get rid of these responsibilities.
a-lessee and the authorized driver; blocker status was determined by a medical certificate does not exist, will take security precautions to be in an accident, regardless of the damaged vehicle will not intervene in any way, contact names and addresses of witnesses to identify the accident to the nearest staff immediately and will notify the lessor.
b-Responsibility and belongs to the competent authorities the discretion of the crime, the crime in advance and the responsibility to tell the style of expression kabullenmeyecektir only occurrence of the event.
c-tenant; accident to the nearest competent authority to be taken to the nearest location (Traffic Police or Gendarmerie) Minutes of Traffic Accident Detection of alcohol report the names and addresses of witnesses, the lessor shall deliver at the latest within 48 hours.
d-theft case, the lessee, the lessor immediately and will notify the nearest police or gendarme station.


1) when there is an accident and alcohol report

2) a non-driver s name is written in the contract management of the occurrence of the accident situation

3) where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs during an accident

4) where the driver does not have a valid driver s license

5) a violation of traffic rules and accidents that occur due to excessive speed

6) where the driver is 100% faulty

7) accidents and injuries that occurred outside the period specified in the lease agreement

8) or the moving of another vehicle, or who do not draw objects, pushing, accidents and injuries will occur during the transportation of loaded,

9) of the vehicle, racing, speed determination, rally trials, or normally closed to traffic during the motorized sports, accidents, damage will occur during the use of unsuitable roads

10) as determined by the traffic rules on the number of passengers, baggage of passengers and cargo and explosives in any manner whatsoever, accidents and injuries will occur during the transportation of flammable substances

11) Smoking and without precedent in the beginning of the burning of matter by the action arising out of a flaming fire burns

12) floor of the vehicle burns and stains will occur

13) Incorrect use will occur tire trouble, is out of guarantee, the tenant is responsible for all the damage occurred in these cases.

14) do not accept the reference to him because of all the acts and omission insurance lessor can not collect compensation for the harm that can not benefit from partial or no work and stay in the vehicle has the right to recourse against the tenant for compensation.
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